[About False Colors]

; the site
This is my archive for all my fanarts for various of my favourite tv shows as well as for actors/actresses and movies. But mostly it's my little archive for fanarts from television shows since I am a huge tv junkie. It also contains some other digital artworks and resources such as brushes/patterns/textures for you to enjoy.

; terms of use
The offered goodies such as brushes/patterns/textures were created by myself from scratch and are not to be used for any commercial purposes. You can use the archived fanarts on your own computer desktop but do not alter them in any way or display them somewhere else without asking me beforehand. Do not use them commerically either.

; the name
Why False Colors? Because it means displaying something in a wrong color scheme, in a special resolution of colors to enhance it. And that is basically what for me creating digital art is about, displaying something in a way that differs from the original and shows it in a different way.

; the artist
Actually I do like to think of myself as an artist and a very creative person, I'm not that good with drawing or any other artform that involves a real brush or a pencil. Maybe that's because when I think of a piece of art that I'd love to create, I only see it in my mind described like in a story. Funny, with writing it's the other way around. So I've taken refuge in the digital world and found there the perfect playground for my ideas. I love experimentation with different filters and styles and that is basically the reason why I've not found a special and distinctive style like so many other artists. One might consider this a negative, but I see it as me still being able to try out new things and master them without being restrained by a certain style. So if having no style in the art sense could define a style, than this definitely would describe my artwork perfectly. I am still far from where I want to be as an artist - which I have no idea where that should be - but for the moment I'll just continue ahead and see where the road will lead me.

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