Light colors icon tutorial

Step 1
Open a new file with the size 100x100, then put your image on there and crop the picture however you like.

Step 2
Desaturate the image via Image >> Adjustments >> Desaturate

Step 3
Create a new layer on top of your desaturated image and fill it with a dark blue color (#003F75).

Then set the layer to Screen

Looks okay already as well, and you can add text/brushes/borders to it but I like to put some more touches to it.

Step 4
So here we have to do some finetuning again with the image below. A simple trick for this is to duplicate the desaturated layer of your image and then set the layer on soft light. You can play with different layer modes for it to find what you like best.

Step 5
And now you can add brushes/text/borders etc. to put the finishing touches on your icon.

The tutorial works also with dark green (#007500) and dark red (#770202). The image used for the tutorial is from